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Favorite Add-on Tools

  • Add-on Builder

    Use Add-on Builder to quickly and easily develop an extension for Firefox using common web technologies.

  • Add-on Packager

    Auto-generate add-on packaging by entering basic info and picking UI parts. Get working without setup.

  • Add-on Validator

    Check your add-on for common problems and errors. Open to anyone, not just add-ons hosted here.

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Recent Add-ons News & Updates

  • Be part of the next Featured Add-ons board!

    When an add-on receives featured status, it assures downloads, notoriety, and a provides a healthy dose of congratulations to the developer for their hard work and good idea. Many add-on developers see becoming featured as essential to an add-ons success, whilst users get the comfort of knowing that an add-on ...

  • Jetpack Project: weekly update for May 15, 2012

    Project News We released Add-on SDK 1.7 today. Please see the blog post and release notes for more info. Nicholas Nethercote’s latest blog post mentions some progress on Nightly that will mitigate the problems users could see when using add-ons packed with older versions of the SDK and Firefox 15. ...

  • Announcing Add-on SDK 1.7!

    The Jetpack team is happy to announce the release of Add-on SDK version 1.7! This version of the SDK is mostly a bug-fix release but with a few added features. Some of the important features included in this release are: Plural forms for localization – many languages treat plural forms ...

  • Add-on Compatibility for Firefox 13

    Firefox 13 has been in beta for a while now, so this blog post is a bit overdue. Here’s an almost comprehensive list of the changes that went into Firefox 13 that can affect add-on compatibility. There is more information available in Firefox 13 for Developers, so you should read ...

  • Jetpack Project: weekly update for May 08, 2012

    Project News Mozillian Jono Xia gave a quick talk at the Monday project meeting to show off his new ‘Tab Reaper‘ extension which employs some clever tricks to bookmark and close tabs you haven’t looked at recently. Yesterday morning I blogged about some upcoming changes to the SDK that will ...

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