The Box

An animated cardboard and paper 3D scene, made from recycled materials.

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,


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I had this idea of making a cheap-looking 3D scene out of a cardboard box and paper drawings, so with my kids, we prepared a real-world prototype on a wednesday afternoon.

Later, I recreated a digital version using the same material and my library Sprite3D.js.

Have fun...

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  1. maxw3st said,

    This looks excellent. Not sure how you accomplished it as yet, but will study the code. Currently a JavaScript student so this is good "home-work" for me. Thank you much for sharing.
  2. boblemarin said,

    You're welcome.
    Check the Sprite3D.js page, there are plenty of examples and demos that will lead you to that kind of result .
    1. Danny.D said,

      Bug/typo report for your Sprite3D.js.

      prefixes = ["", "webkit", "Moz", "o", "ms" ]

      Opera should be O not o. Works great on opera after I changed that.

      Anyway, looks great man.
      1. boblemarin said,

        Hey ! Thanks. I'll patch the library and the example.
  3. jaydson said,

    Hey, your demo is pretty cool ;)
    But... what kind of magic do you made to reaching 19940 views Oo ?
    1. boblemarin said,

      Don't really know. I guess the Great Holy Paper Cow must have heard my prayers.

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