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  • Ragavan demoing Firefox Sync Firefox Sync

    Why Sync up, Security and More

    See Ragavan demo Firefox Sync on his Android phone. Learn about purpose and goals behind the development of Firefox Sync.

  • Stuart demoing html5 Fennec

    Pre-Alpha Fennec and HTML5 Demos

    See Stuart demo HTML5 capabilities on pre-alpha Fennec. Learn about the purpose and goals behind the development of Firefox 4 for mobile.

Favorite Mobile Articles

  • Firefox for mobile: What's coming next

    The projects and planning never stops. We're cooking up some amazing new features and improvements for our next major release. Check it out and see how you can help us continue to make the world's best mobile Web browser.

  • "HTML5 is Great for Mobile, Developers Say"

    Hear from other developers about the advantages of HTML5 and developing for the mobile Web in this article from ReadWriteWeb:

    "'Hands down, the developer pool for HTML / JS rock stars is tenfold larger [and] there is no download attrition. You simply point people at a URL and there you go -- it's installed.' The fact that apps can be directly installed by URL rather than by waiting for an App Store download means that developers reduce barriers to virality."

  • Android APIs

    Access Android APIs on this Android Developer page.

Recent Mobile News & Updates

  • Lucas Rocha: Native Firefox for Android Beta

    At this point, you have probably heard the news. Yes, we’ve release the first public Beta of Firefox for Android with all the goodness that we’ve been working on in the last 7 months: the brand new native UI that is lighter, faster, and sleeker. Here are some big picture ...

  • Kartikaya Gupta: Simulating Fennec on desktop

    A lot of you probably know this already, but I thought I'd put it here anyway for future reference. Now that we've Firefox for Android Beta, we're getting a lot of bug reports of various websites that behave unexpectedly or just plain don't work (this is great, keep the bugs ...

  • Wes Johnston: Porting Cleary to Native Fennec

    I’ve had some requests to port Cleary over to Native Fennec (aka the hot new Beta for Android), and thought it would be a good chance to blog about addons in the native Fennec world. Cleary is a pretty simple addon (based on mfinkle’s BootstrapJones tutorials) that gave Fennec some ...

  • John Hammink: Part 4. Upgrading your B2G build repo to /mozilla-b2g/ and the new build and flash procedures (64 bit linux)

    Until now, we were working off of the andreasgal/b2g and andreasgal/gaia repos, but, for the sake of naming conventions, not using people's private repos and whatnot - and we now have whole new sync, build and flash processes that are much more intuitive (we hope)!For now, the setup process for ...

  • Kartikaya Gupta: Web scale

    I've heard the phrase "web scale" come up a few times recently, and it's kind of been simmering in my mind, so here are some random thoughts to help exorcise it. Web scale is huge. When you scale things up to the web, you're often scaling things up by a ...

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