Favorite Web Developer Tools

  • Firebug

    The most popular and powerful web development tool.

    "An absolute necessity for anyone doing serious web development. Awesome!!!!"geckoday via AMO

  • Web Developer

    Firefox Add-on that adds a lot of great developer tools that are just a click away.

  • Page Speed

    Evaluate performance of web pages with this Firefox/Firebug Add-on

  • Firecookie

    Another great Firefox/Firebug Add-on that helps you view and manage cookies in your browser.

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Recent Web News & Updates

  • Mozilla supports the Liberated Pixel Cup for open games

    We’re excited to announce that Mozilla is supporting the Liberated Pixel Cup, a fantastic competition aiming to spark the creation of artwork and code for games that are free and available for others to use. The Liberated Pixel Cup is the brainchild of OpenGameArt, a long-standing community of artists that ...

  • Mozilla Hacks Weekly, May 17th 2012

    It’s that time of the week – some great link suggestions from us in Mozilla’s Developer Engagement Team! At the end of this blog post, you also have all the Developer Engagement team members and what they work on. If you are interested in discussing more, contributing or taking part ...

  • The Web Developer Toolbox: Raphaël

    This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to the useful libraries that all web developers should have in their toolbox. My intent is to show you what those libraries can do and help you to use them at their best. This first article is dedicated to the ...

  • Desktop Apps with HTML5 and the Mozilla Web Runtime

    Desktop Apps with HTML5 One of the best things about HTML is that it’s never “done”. HTML has been with us longer than most of the development technologies that we consider commonplace. (.NET, ASP, Java, PHP, etc.) The latest incarnation of HTML, HTML5 has been the source of a great ...

  • MDN hack day tomorrow in the #mozldn space in London, England

    We cleared the aftermath of yesterday’s epic Geek Quiz (photo proof here) but there is no rest for the wicked in the London Mozilla Space. Tomorrow (yes, that day after this one) we’ll run an MDN hack day here in 101 St. Martin’s Lane, London (5 minute footwalk from Leicester ...

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