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This is an experimental feature
Because this feature is still in development in some browsers, check the compatibility table for the proper prefixes to use in various browsers. Also note that the syntax and behavior of an experimental feature is subject to change in future version of browsers as the spec changes.


The animation-delay CSS property specifies when the animation should start. This lets the animation sequence begin some time after it's applied to an element.

A value of 0, which is the default value of the property, indicates that the animation should begin as soon as it's applied. Otherwise, the value specifies an offset from the moment the animation is applied to the element; animation will begin that amount of time after being applied.

Specifying a negative value for the animation delay causes the animation to begin executing immediately. However, it will appear to have begun executing partway through its cycle. For example, if you specify -1s as the animation delay time, the animation will begin immediately but will start 1 second into the animation sequence.

If you specify a negative value for the animation delay, but the starting value is implicit, the starting value is taken from the moment the animation is applied to the element.

It is often convenient to use the shorthand property animation to set all animation properties at once.


animation-delay: <time> [, <time>]*


The time offset from the time at which the animation is applied to the element at which the animation should begin. This may be specified in either seconds (by specifying "s" as the unit) or milliseconds (by specifying "ms" as the unit). If you don't specify a unit, seconds are assumed.


See CSS animations for examples.


Specification Status Comment
CSS Animations Level 3 Working Draft  

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Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support (Yes) -webkit 5.0 (5.0) -moz 10 -ms [1] 12 -o 4.0 -webkit
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Basic support ? ? ? ? ?

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