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Modify Quoted Message (before normal composition)

 To get noticed of the availability of the body, you need to register a State Listener as follow.

var myStateListener = {  
  NotifyComposeFieldsReady: function() {
  NotifyComposeBodyReady: function() {
  // The body is available and can be tweaked    },
  ComposeProcessDone: function(aResult) {
  SaveInFolderDone: function(folderURI) {

The State Listener must be registered when the compose window is initialized:

addEventListener("compose-window-init", function (event) {

These script must be put in an overlay of chrome://messenger/content/messenger...gercompose.xul 

Reply / forward / reply to all...

We assume that msgHdr is a nsIMsgDbHdr.

/* The reply, reply to all, forward links. For reference, start reading
         * and follow the function definitions. */
        let uri = msgHdr.folder.getUriForMsg(msgHdr);
        let compose = function compose_ (aCompType, aEvent) {
          if (aEvent.shiftKey) {
            ComposeMessage(aCompType, Ci.nsIMsgCompFormat.OppositeOfDefault, msgHdr.folder, [uri]);
          } else {
            ComposeMessage(aCompType, Ci.nsIMsgCompFormat.Default, msgHdr.folder, [uri]);


See for all the possible actions. Example:

compose(Ci.nsIMsgCompType.ReplyToSender, event);

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